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Legong Dancer

The name Legong comes from the Balinese language, Leg (flexible movement) and gong (gamelan) which are fused into Legong which means flexible movement accompanied by gamelan.

Legong Keraton Dance

A village surrounded by trees called Aan Village. One day in the village, a royal servant was seen performing the royal Legong dance under the aan tree

Mepeed Painting

Harvest from the suburbs of Bali, this practice builds Balinese people’s lives to the peak of prosperity.

Mother of Earth

Mother Earth is the national personification of Indonesia, an embodiment of the Indonesian homeland.

Tengenan Pegringsingan

This mural represents the ancient Balinese village in Karangasem Regency called Tenganan Pegringsingan.

Story of Kukuh Village

Once upon a time there was a man called I Gusti Ngurah Tabanan. He is an ascetic who travelled around forests to achieve enlightenment. 

Traditional Legong Dance

Originated in the 19th century as royal entertainment. Legend has it that a prince of Sukawati fell ill and had a vivid dream in which two maidens danced to gamelan music.

Tri Hita Karana

Tri Hita Karana is a traditional philosophy for life on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The literal
translation is . . .